DBV-Technologies – using the latest in technology to fight allergies

Many different ways have been used to try to treat or alleviate the sufferings of those affected by allergies. On the DBV Technologies internet site you’ll see how hi-tech electrospray technology is at the forefront of this Paris-based company’s drive to beat food allergies.

Allergies alimentaires : quelle trousse d’urgence faut-il avoir ?

Aujourd’hui, il n’existe aucun traitement d’allergie alimentaire. La seule solution est d’éviter le ou les aliments incriminés. Cependant, comme le risque demeure, il est indispensable que les personnes allergiques aient systématiquement sur elles une trousse d’urgence.

DBV-Technologies – a different approach to an old problem – food allergies

Many methods have been experimented with to try to tackle the vexed issue of food allergies. These allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent – where once it was hay fever, now peanut, cow’s milk protein, fish, seafood and eggs are causing big problems right across the globe. At DBV-Technologies (http://www.dbv-technologies.com/en/), much research has gone into looking […]