Move over generic, bland furniture – here comes Produit Intérieur Brut!

Whilst the convenience of flat-pack furniture may be one of the consumer revolutions of the day, it also tends to have a design ‘lowest common denominator’ effect. Originality may be lost and it becomes difficult to create a distinctive hallmark style for your living areas.

The simple, clean lines of Danish chairs


The website was developed to help tackle this deficit, stocking a massive range of furniture articles and accessories in quirky, stand-out styles. Bohemian, retro, shabby chic, Scandinavian, industrial – pretty much all of the major alternative furniture trends are showcased. Why not look here to find some great items of vintage-inspired furniture, which combines post-war practicality with value for money. Of particular concern during this time was the issue of space-saving and many of these designs offer ingenious ways of doing just that.

Surprisingly, this kind of style often marries very well with the more ‘natural’ look of Scandinavian furniture. All Nordic furniture is known for its organic forms and focus on natural materials, especially the wood that grows so abundantly in these northern climes. An interesting fact about Danish furniture, such as the chair shown below, is that it owes something of a design debt to Japanese craftsmen!