Hospitalsconsultants – for access to a wide range of medical procedures – fast!

Are you looking for a way of having a medical condition treated, but aren’t sure whether you can afford to go private? One easy way of finding out is visiting This website collates some of the best hospitals in the UK and France, offering a wide range of medical procedures. Selected for the quality of their care and the excellence of their facilities, over 100 hospitals are available to choose from. You don’t necessarily need private medical cover to apply – in some cases, treatment may be funded by the NHS.

Some of the most common procedures are covered, including hip and knee replacement surgery, cataract operations and varicose veins treatment. Preventive procedures, such as the new PET scan for dementia, illustrated below, are also on the menu.

PET scans can help forecast the onset of dementia years in advance


It’s easy to locate the nearest featured hospital to you with the ‘Britain’s top hospitals’ section ( There are participating hospitals in just about every part of England, not to mention 13 French hospitals, split between southern France and the Greater Paris area. All have been carefully chosen on the basis of official data and user reviews.