Has DBV-Technologies made a breakthrough in the non-invasive treatment of allergies?

Along with death and income tax, it seems like another of today’s (almost) inescapable phenomena can be found in the shape of food allergies. Allergies to foods ranging from eggs to milk and peanuts to fish affect hundreds of millions across the planet and are especially common in the developed world. DBV-Technologies is one firm that is doing its bit in the fight against these allergies. It has developed a number of solutions to diagnose and treat allergies painlessly by using non-invasive techniques.

Treating Cow’s Milk Protein allergy

Source : http://www.dbv-technologies.com

This is especially useful in the field of child allergy treatment, where more invasive methods can cause significant stress to children, thus hampering the take-up and effectiveness of these treatments. The secret of DBV-Technologies’ success lies in its Viaskin® patch. This contains a minute amount of the allergen in question, which is then slowly released to the body’s immune system through the skin. If the body shows any kind of significant allergic reaction, this will be evident directly on the skin and can be dealt with immediately simply by removing the patch. Over time, this could help build up the body’s tolerance levels to allergens such as cow’s milk protein.